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Everything in Ayn’s life seems perfect.


From her loving boyfriend to her prestigious college prospects...

Until she’s rejected from her top dance school. Seeking solace, she decides to cut loose at her friend Lyla’s end-of-year bash.


The night takes a turn for the bloody when she uncovers a diabolical plot amongst her friends. Now, Ayn must join the crowd or run away, even if it means bringing her friends down.

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The story behind the film started as an idea born from a funny video a friend posted on Instagram. The video was a  mock trailer with hand puppets that told a story about peer pressure.

With that little spark, an explosion of story escaped Carlos and he wrote 60 pages that same night in January 2019! Finishing up the remaining thirty pages shortly after.

For the rest of the year, he tinkered away at the script, cleaning it up, adding and cutting out. 


This story was heavily influenced by Wes Craven’s Scream, and Marcos Siega’s Pretty Persuasion and deals heavily with peer pressure. The feature film also deals with themes like school shootings along with the PTSD that comes with, and the psychological decay of suburbia (boredom).

November 2019 came and Carlos got excited about what he wrote so he decided to adapt the feature and make a short film based on the prologue. A simple and straightforward story in and of itself.  

Heathens_Still 7.png



A lot of work went into the production of this short film but the puck doesn’t stop with the short film.


Heathens is an important story that needs to be shown. And that’s Carlos’s goal. To raise enough funds to film the feature film. 

And with some luck, Carlos hopes it can grab the attention of some partners looking to invest in a cool project so he can put this story that needs to be told into production.

To support Heathens and help it become the feature it was meant to be, click here for the latest updates.

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